Medical Appointments

School staff, in conjunction with the NHS, ensure the health and care needs of the students are met. All staff receive First  Aid training; some staff have additional training in order that the specific medical needs of students are met. 

If you have any urgent concerns regarding your child's health or medical needs, please contact the school office.


We ask that parents/carers, where possible, try and book appointments for their child outside of school hours or where they will have minimal impact on schooling eg. at the start or the end of the school day.

For all medical appointments, parents/carers must fill in a yellow form that can be found in the back of the student diary and return to school prior to the appointment.

Change to Medication

All medication sent in to school must be clearly labelled. For all medication to be administered and if there are any changes to your child's medication (eg. changes to dosage), you must complete the form below. You can either download this copy or ask for a paper copy from the school office.

Medication Consent Form

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