At St Andrew's Academy, we strongly believe that everything we teach has to be purposeful and meaningful to our students as they become young adults. We also believe that all of our students' accomplishments should be celebrated as much as possible.

Much external accreditation is of limited value to our students when they leave St Andrew's, so we concentrate on those that can be adapted to reflect their achievements and the skills they have developed.

Students in Key Stage 4 and Post-16 are entered for AQA Unit Awards at a levels to reflect their abilities. These can be awarded in any area of the curriculum and are completely person-centred.

Students in Key Stage 4 and Post-16 also have the opportunity to take part in the Bronze or Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award, which is carefully adapted to be as inclusive as possible and every student can take part to the best of their ability. 

Students leave us with a portfolio of their own personal achievements, as captured on the Evidence for Learning App, as well as some AQA Unit Awards, and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.